Our Team

Our team of experts enables us to perform a variety of the most challenging and complex tasks involved in the steel industry.

Management Team is well experienced and capable to deliver projects on schedule, meet or exceed the clientˇ¦s quality expectations, and perform this within budget. Our knowledge in risk management allows us to assess and manage construction project risks to the lowest possible. Extensive experience and commitment to coordinating and integrating our design and production teams have resulted in smooth site operations that benefit overall project performance.

Design Team is experienced and highly qualified, and has adopted new design and detailing technology (including SDS II) in the continuing effort to be an industry leader. Our design office is fully computerized and complete with the state of the art 3-D modelling capabilities to generate accurate and detailed drawings.

Operation Team consists of skilled, loyal and enthusiastic members with extensive experience in different types of structural projects. They are responsible for steel fabrication and erection meeting the most stringent requirements. All of our welders are certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau under W47.1 Standard Division 2.1.